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Accutone iHear Advantage Hearing Aid

$ 799.00 $ 2,000.00

EXCLUSIVE iHear Advantage
 Receiver-in-the-Canal, Open-Fit Hearing Aid.

Available only at

Featuring the Smart Remote App, a free app available for all smartphones that will allow you to control the iHear Advantage.

An open fitting allows the ear canal to be open, offering brilliant clarity without a 'plugged-up' feeling.

It's one of the tiniest hearing aids on the market and is one size fits all.

Since it's one size fits all, iHear Advantage requires no office visit for a fitting and you can maintain it yourself.

You can also easily adjust the volume - something that requires an office visit with more expensive hearing aids.

It compares favorably with the Siemens Pure, Phonak Audeo, and  other major hearing aids which cost over $1800 each.

1 Year Warranty

Buy a pair and get and 2 Year Warranty

30 day money-back-guarantee

  • Smart Remote App

  • 16 Signal Processing Channels

  • Tinnitus Management

  • Applicable for mild to moderate-severe hearing losses

  • Push button memory

  • Size 10 battery (available here)

  • Feedback preventer - Three cutting-edge innovations combine to stop embarrassing feedback in its tracks, before it's heard by you or anyone nearby.

  • Adaptive Directional Microphone - This sophisticated technology is available to help you hear more clearly in situations where many people are talking at once. Directional microphones are proven to enhance clarity in the most challenging hearing environments.

  • Automatic Environment Management - iHear Advantage's digital technologies continuously analyze the listening environment and automatically engage the right features. Whether you are enjoying a birthday celebration, doing yard work on a windy day, or just watching a movie, Advantage will do all the hearing adjustments for you.

  • SecureTec Nanocoating - Special coating protects your hearing aid from moisture and debris that can cause poor performance and breakdown. Sealing of all inside components provides additional protection.

  • Sound Smoothing - Quickly softens occasional, sudden impulsive sounds like rustling paper, clanging dishes, and breaking glass to give you a more comfortable listening experience.

  • Adaptive Noise Management - Advantage's adaptive noise reduction system analyzes incoming signals in real time and isolates distracting background noise and important speech signals. Speech is enhanced while distracting background noise is softened, so you can enjoy  more effortless listening and greater comfort.

Do I need to submit a copy of a hearing test to buy an iHear Advantage?
Although, it's highly recommended, a hearing test isn't necessary. For best results, fax, email, or mail a copy of your hearing test so we can program the hearing aid for you.

Phone/Fax: (877) 694-4327 (877) MY-IHEAR


Do you have refurbished models available?

Yes, click here for iHear Advantage Refurbished

What does the warranty cover?
iHear Advantage has a One Year Warranty (Two Year if you buy a pair). During that time, we will repair or replace the iHear for any reason other than damage caused by the wearer.

What is your return policy?
All iHears can be returned for a full refund within 30 days of the time of purchase. 

Can I turn the volume up and down?

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  • Please allow additional delivery time for international orders.

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