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iHear RITE Bluetooth Hearing Aids

$ 799.00 $ 2,000.00

iHear RITE is a tiny receiver-in-the-ear Bluetooth hearing aid, suitable for users with mild to moderate hearing losses.

iHear RITE comes with the miniFit speaker and dome system, including four different speakers and a variety of domes and custom molds. RITE features Audio Efficiency™, iHear’s proprietary central technology system.

*SPECIAL - Buy a Pair and get the iHear RITE bundle which includes the SoundGate Streamer, the TV Adapter, and the Phone Adapter...all for ONLY $1599, and $537 savings*

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iHear RITE is one of the tiniest hearing aids on the market and is one size fits all.

Since it's one size fits all, iHear RITE requires no office visit for a fitting and you can maintain it yourself.

You can also easily adjust the volume - something that requires an office visit with more expensive hearing aids.

iHear RITE works with the following SoundGate wireless accessories:

Enjoy greater mobility and greater flexibility on the go with SoundGate.

Home Sweet Home

Whether you're in the mood for a relaxing evening in front of the TV or having a long phone conversation with family or friends, SoundGate will make every word crystal clear.

Wireless TV Connection with SoundGate

TV listening has never been easier. With the small and portable TV Adapter 2, sound is transmitted clearly from your television to your hearing aid via SoundGate.

The best part about the TV Adapter 2 is that you control the volume coming from the TV to your hearing aids via SoundGate separately.

Not everyone has to listen at the same volume.


Wireless Phone Connection with SoundGate

Conveniently connect landline telephone calls to your hearing aids with the Phone Adapter 2.

Phone Adapter 2 and SoundGate alert you to incoming calls, transmit the signal, and essentially turn your hearing aids into a pair of wireless headsets. This allows you to enjoy hands-free and hassle-free calls from your landline phone, too.

Being connected is easier and more enjoyable than ever with iHear wireless accessories.

SoundGate App - Smart and Discreet

Options for being connected are greater than ever. Through a variety of electronic devices, we connect to our family, friends and colleaguse, anytime or anywhere. We can also listen to music, watch videos, hear the latest news, and more. Your hearing aids, together with iHear's SoundGate, expand the possibilities for being connected.

Where other wireless devices limit connection to one audio source or another, SoundGate gives you the freedom to listen with your hearing aids to a number of wired and wirelss audio sources. It is discreetly designed, comfortable to handle, and easy to use. It has a built-in microphone, an integrated Bluetooth receiver, and user-friendly controls. SoundGate keeps you connected with ease and style.

iHear's SoundGate enables you to connect and communicate anytime and from anywhere.

Everyday listening situations may be challenging with even the best hearing aids. But with simple to use solutions, iHear gives you the freedom to listen comfortably.

Mobile Phone Streaming

Connect and talk wirelessly using your SoundGate as a Bluetooth interface between your mobile phone and your hearing aids.

Clear and Sharp TV Listening

Let the sound come directly from your TV to your hearing aids using your SoundGate with the TV Adapter 2.

Headset for Music or GPS

SoundGate makes it simple for you to listen to your music files or GPS instructions wirelessly through your hearing aids via Bluetooth.

Hands-Free Landline Calls

Enjoy wireless landline calls and greater talk-time at home or at work with your SoundGate and Phone Adapter 2.


With SoundGate, connect easily and automatically to looped telecoil systems in theaters, classrooms, or places of worship.

Wireless Mobile Phone Connection with SoundGate

SoundGate works as an interface betwwen your hearing aids and Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones. You never know when that important call will come through. But your SoundGate will be waiting, primed and ready. And, it allows you to talk wirelessly and hands-free without using the mobile phone itself.

With SoundGate, you can also listen to music that is stored on your mobile phone or media player through your hearing aids.


Looped Telecoil Systems and SoundGate

Many theaters, classrooms and places of worship are now equipped with pre-installed induction loops. Listen to audio in these places with SoundGate's integrated telecoil receiver. Audio signals transmit wirelessly without the need for a separate device, or even a special listening program in your hearing aids.

With the SoundGate App, iHear RITE goes beyond the usual controls of a hearing aid. Use your iPhone together with the SoundGate to switch programs, turn the volume up or down, and connect to multiple devices. Changing programs and changing the volume has never been so easy and certainly not so discreet.

Download the SoundGate App for free. Just visit the App Store and search for "Custom SoundGate" and then click to install.







Audio Efficiency ™ 

* Speech

 · ChannelFree™

 · Speech Cue Priority™

 · Frequency Composition™

 · True Directionality™

 · i-VC Comfort

 · Adaptive Feedback Canceller Plus

 · Adaptive Noise Reduction Plus

 · Reverb Reduction

 · Live Music and Cinema Programs

 · Comfort in Airplane Program

 · Wireless Connectivity

 · Language Specific Targets

Additional Features

Technical Features

 · Digital signal processing up to 8 kHz

 · Multi-Environment Program

 · Environment Optimizer

Hydrophobic coating

 · Dust and water protection (IP58)


Do I need to submit a copy of a hearing test to buy an iHear RITE?
Although, it's highly recommended, a hearing test isn't necessary. For best results, fax, email, or mail a copy of your hearing test so we can program the hearing aid for you.

Phone/Fax: (877) 694-4327 (877) MY-IHEAR


What does the warranty cover?
iHear Advantage has a One Year Warranty (Two Year if you buy a pair). During that time, we will repair or replace the iHear for any reason other than damage caused by the wearer.

What is your return policy?
All iHears can be returned for a full refund within 30 days of the time of purchase. 

Can I turn the volume up and down?

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  • International orders are a flat rate of $9.90.

  • All North American orders will arrive within 5-7 business days.

  • Please allow additional delivery time for international orders.

  • Shipping is via USPS.

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