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iHear Air Open Fit BTE

$ 499.00 $ 1,199.00

The iHear Air is an advanced Behind-the-Ear (BTE) open fitted hearing aid offering a next generation hearing system.

iHear Air is designed for casual use, and is meant for mild to moderate hearing loss.

Air is perfect for:

  • Social Gatherings
  • Television
  • Restaurants

The iHear Air delivers a personalized fit and excellent wearing comfort for you. The sleek, smooth, feather-light design provides advanced technology and reduced occlusion for outstanding performance (occlusion is the feeling when it sounds as if you're inside a bucket or a barrel).

With the capability of 2.56 Million calculations per second, iHear Air's advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) chip achieves its extremely high level of performance at one of the lowest battery consumption levels in the hearing industry.

The patent pending design addresses the needs of individuals who have a wide range of hearing loss, especially high frequency loss. Because of the slim lines, iHear Air is extremely discrete and nearly invisible - perfect for people who don't want others to notice they are wearing a hearing instrument.

iHear Air is a one size fits all device - no need for any type of special fitting or office visit to wear.

You can also easily adjust the volume - something that requires an office visit with more expensive hearing aids.

Please choose Left Ear or Right Ear or Pair.

Available in beige.

1 Year Warranty

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Adaptive Feedback Cancellation System provides up to 17dB added stable gain (Spectral information is maintained).
  • The unique dynamic contrast detector "reaches down" to amplify quiet speech.
  • Switchable Low-Level Expansion to reduce the effects of microphone noise and environmental noise.
  • Look-ahead detection monitors signal path for loud transients and reduces gain in advance of oncoming transients; nearly eliminating signal clipping due to loud transients.
  • Adjustable threshold levels in each of the 2 channels from 40 to 70dB.
  • AGC-o compression limiting.
  • Uses size 10 hearing aid battery.

Do I need to submit a copy of a hearing test to buy an iHear Air?
Although, it's highly recommended, a hearing test isn't necessary. For best results, fax, email, or mail a copy of your hearing test so we can program the hearing aid for you.

Phone/Fax: (877) 694-4327 (877) MY-IHEAR

E-mail: info@earmall.com

Do you have refurbished models available?

Yes, click here for iHear Air Refurbished

What does the warranty cover?
iHear Air has a one year warranty. During that time we will repair or replace the iHear for any reason other than damage caused by the wearer.

What is your return policy?
All iHears can be returned for a full refund within 30 days of the time of purchase. There will be a $25 restocking fee.

Can I turn the volume up and down?

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