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iHear RIC Receiver-in-the-Canal Refurbished Hearing Aids

$ 599.00 $ 1,800.00

The iHear RIC Refurbished is an affordable Receiver-in-the-Canal, Open-Fit hearing aid proudly made in America and reconditioned to like new condition. It's backed up by our six month warranty and 30 day money-back guarantee.

It's the high-quality, low cost alternative to hearing aids costing much more - thousands of dollars in many cases.

An open fitting allows the ear canal to be open, offering brilliant clarity without a 'plugged-up' feeling.

It's small and one size fits all.

Since it's one size fits all, iHear RIC requires no office visit for a fitting and you can maintain it yourself.

You can also easily adjust the volume - something that requires an office visit with more expensive hearing aids.

It compares favorably with the Siemens Pure and ReSound Alera which sell on other sites for over $1800 each.

RIC could help with tinnitus. 

Most people with tinnitus also have hearing loss. It is a common myth that there is no treatment for tinnitus, but iHear RIC could help by covering up the ringing in ears while also helping with your hearing loss.

iHear RIC is a four channel, digital listening device and features Softwave™ which addresses incoming sounds and allows for a more comfortable listening experience.

iHear RIC is perfect for all hearing losses!

Available in beige.

Please choose Left Ear, Right Ear, or Pair.

Other Features Include:  

•Four channels
•Multi-memory pushbutton

•NoWax® filter

•Wax trap

•Uses size 312 battery available here.


Available Exclusively at EarMall.com!

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