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ReSound Air 60+ Hearing Aid

$ 479.00 $ 999.00

ReSound Air 60+ Hearing Aid, factory reconditioned and refurbished to like-new condition.

ReSound Air 60's tiny casing, coupled with nearly invisible slim tube open fittings offers a great, cosmetically appealing solution for people who want their hearing aid to work with their life. Ultra-small, ultra-stylish, the lightweight 10A BTE has virtually invisible slim tube open fittings. Tiny, transparant plastic domes replace custom earmolds, for a hearing aid that you, and those around you, won't even notice.

This hearing aid is a great choice for people who experience mild or high-frequency hearing loss. It's open fit approach works well for first time hearing aid wearers or those who don't want their ear canal blocked.

Available is beige.

Please choose left, right, or pair.

Supplies are limited. Order now.

ComforTec™ Technology. Ensures clear, natural sound quality and listening comfort.

Stabilizer™ DFS Allows for an open fitting without sacrificing gain. Provides an additional 12-15 dB of high frequency gain.

Multi-Band Noise Reduction. Makes listening easier in both quiet and noisy invironments.

WarpOpen wide dynamic range compression.

Unique venting. Keeps ear open, not feeling plugged.

Pk SSPL 106

Pk Gain 40

Freq Rg 570-5650

What does the warranty cover?
There is a 6 month warranty during which we will repair the hearing aid for any reason other than damage caused by the wearer.

What is your return policy?
All hearing aids can be returned for a full refund within 30 days of the time of purchase. 

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  • International orders are a flat rate of $9.90.

  • All North American orders will arrive within 5-7 business days.

  • Please allow additional delivery time for international orders.

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