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Starkey Destiny 1600 BTE Hearing Aid

$ 599.99 $ 1,000.00

Starkey Destiny 1600 BTE Hearing Aid, factory refurbished and reconditioned to like-new condition.

Available in beige.

Please choose Left, Right, or Pair.

6 Month Warranty. 30 day money-back guarantee.

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The Destiny hearing system line is based on Starkey's nFusion technology which leverages the power of nanoscience—science at the molecular level—to pack more features than ever into each Destiny hearing aid and to activate those features automatically. As a result, Destiny hearing aids are the first hearing aids to offer three specific features that address users' most common complaints: Active Feedback Intercept, which gets rid of that annoying whistling sound often associated with wearing hearing aids; Directional Speech Detector, which with its laser-like focus lets users hear exactly what they want to hear, even in extremely noisy situations; and Acoustic Signature, which automatically and instantaneously adjusts for and switches to different listening environments, making it nearly biological in its response.

With these features, Destiny hearing aids offer users the most natural and powerful hearing.

Features include:

Voice indicators - use speech to alert wearers of hearing aid status

8 Channels for sound adaptation

12 bands for the most precise level of fine-tuning currently available

Acoustic Signature - state of the art environmental detection and adaptation system

Identifies unique sound environments and adjusts to them instantly

Automatically detects and optimizes settings for listening in: speech, speech in noise, mechanical sounds, wind, and quiet

Virtually eliminates feedback

Prevents whistling

Works in concert with Directional Speech Detector and Acoustic Signature to produce a clean, feedback-free sound quality

Instantaneously and automatically adjusts for optimum telephone communication

Automatically adjusts in noisy environments

Improves speech intelligibility in noisy environments

  • Peak OSPL 135

  • HFA OSPL 128

  • Pk Gain 70

  • HFA Full on Gain 64

  • Freq Rg. 200-6400

  • Freq Test Freq 1.0, 1.6, 2.5

  • Reference Test Gain 52

  • Harmonic Distortion - 500Hz (3%), 800 Hz (1%), 1600 Hz (1%)

  • Equivalent Input Noise 24

  • Attack Time 5

  • Release Time 0.1 - 25

  • Release Time 2.0 - 25

  • HFA Splits (ANSI - 96) 111

  • Battery Current 1.6

  • Idle Current 1.2

What does the warranty cover?
There is a 6 month warranty during which we will repair the hearing aid for any reason other than damage caused by the wearer.

What is your return policy?
All hearing aids can be returned for a full refund within 30 days of the time of purchase. 

  • All North American orders $100 and up ship for free.

  • International orders are a flat rate of $9.90.

  • All North American orders will arrive within 5-7 business days.

  • Please allow additional delivery time for international orders.

  • Shipping is via USPS.

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