Unexpected Hearing Hazards

Source: Debbie Clason, Healthy HearingMany of us know noisy environments are detrimental to our hearing health. Hearing protection is standard issue on noisy job sites. Gun hobbyists wear hearing protection at the gun range, race car enthusiasts wear noise-canceling headphones and musicians wear custom earmolds. But what about unexpected sources of noise - things that may not immediately come to mind as hearing dangers? We live in a noisy world! Many hazardous noises come not just from our occupations, but from things we do for fun.  Summertime activities like parades and fairs come with dangerously loud sirens and ear-splitting marching band standards. Even...

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How Modern Technology is Damaging our Hearing

How modern technology is damaging our hearing Source: Rachel Thompson, Healthy Hearing Many of us have experienced the morning commute where every car on the morning train is full of people with white wires sprouting from their ears and the aggravation of having to listen to multiple people’s music as it throbs out of their ear buds. With the distinct lack of education around noise pollution, many of us are blissfully unaware of how our unhealthy relationship with digital devices is creating generations of individuals with hearing loss. Several reports show that there is a direct correlation between the effects of loud...

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Top 7 Things You Need Before Buying Hearing Aids

Have you finally decided it's time to stop missing out on the important sounds of your life and take action to correct your hearing loss? That's great! According to the Hearing Review, people with hearing loss wait an average of seven years to get help. That's a lot of missed punch lines, important details in business meetings, sweet sentiments from a loved one, cheerful bird songs and laughter from grandkids.  Top 7 things you need before buying hearing aids: Hearing test - The first thing you need is a thorough evaluation from a qualified hearing healthcare professional, like those listed our consumer-reviewed directory....

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Fact vs. Fiction: Common Hearing Aid Misconceptions

Hearing aids come with many misconceptions. Fear and lack of knowledge prevent many people from getting the hearing help they need. But the truth is hearing aids are a common and effective treatment for hearing loss, and wearing them can be much less scary than you think. If you are a candidate for hearing aids, make sure you get all the facts and keep an open mind. According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, fewer than 25 percent of people who could benefit from hearing aids get them, which means there are quite a few people who have an opportunity to improve their hearing....

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Hearing aids improve more than just hearing

Wearing a pair of hearing aids improves more than just your hearing. It’s true. When you buy a set of hearing aids, you can be confident your hearing will improve. And now, according to two recent surveys, you can also expect some non-auditory improvements. The survey confirms what hearing healthcare providers have known for decades — that correcting hearing loss with hearing aids provides benefits in addition to improved hearing, such as improved quality of life, improved relationships at home and work, feelings of safety and independence, and improved mental health. The many benefits of wearing hearing aids Results from...

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