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Refurbished Siemens Hearing Aids

Get Refurbished Siemens Hearing Aids at a Fraction of the Cost of New.

EarMall is one of the only places online where you can get refurbished Siemens hearing aids. These are refurbished by one of the world's leading laboratories to excellent condition and feature:

- Six Month Warranty
- 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Comparable New Hearing Aid Retail Price Refurbished Siemens Hearing Aid Price
Siemens Carat 7 BX $2,000 Siemens Carat 7 BX $699
Siemens Intuis BTE $1,600 Siemens Infiniti Pro $459
Siemens Ace $2,000 Siemens Pure 700 RIC $699
Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 7Nx New $2,000 Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 7Nx Refurbished $999


Werner von Siemens began making hearing aids over 130 years ago. The company has developed many innovations during that time and many firsts, with the first hearing aid small enough to fit in a person’s pocket (Phonophor Alpha) in 1951, the first BTE, or Behind-the-Ear device in 1959, the first model to fit inside the ear (also known as ITE) in 1966 with the Siretta 339, the first remote control devoted to hearing technology in 1987, digital with Prisma in 1997, and a digital hearing aid which is waterproof in 2011.

Siemens body aid was developed in the 1950’s, and is still around today, mainly sold by import sites like Alibaba. It has transistors and consists of a small device about two inches tall that fits in a pocket. It connects by wire to an earpiece that looks a bit like a modern earbud that then fits into the ear.

A company called Sivantos now owns Siemens. Sivantos was founded in 2015, and is based in Singapore. With more than 5,000 employees, and annual revenue of over $1 Billion, the massive company manufacturers devices for Siemens, Rexton, and other brands, with more than three million individual hearing aids sold each year. 

Hearing aid prices can vary wildly, and Siemens hearing aid prices are no exception. As with nearly anything that can be purchased, the internet has provided competition for the typical “brick and mortar” hearing aid stores, and has provided consumers with legitimate alternatives to often over-priced name brands.’s line of iHear products, for example, start out at only $249 for our basic Original iHear model and $999 for our flagship iHear Blu digital hearing aid with Bluetooth for just $999. That said you can pay $10,000 or more for the really high-end, name brand devices, with the average being around $4800. There are a lot of factors that go into the cost. This article, entitled Why Do Hearing Aids Cost More Than Laptops
 outlines some of the factors.

Amazon hearing aid prices, just like everything else they sell, are competitive, or even lower, than comparable outlets. Amazon used hearing aids can also be a good way to go for people on a budget. Just make sure to read reviews and check feedback closely to make sure that you are getting items that are properly refurbished and reconditioned by a professional lab.

Current prices for Siemens hearing instruments range from $ for, to $ for their most expensive model with all the bells and whistles.

If you are unsure as to which model is right for you, Siemens hearing aid reviews are all over the internet. You have to be careful with these, though. They are often published on inscrutable sites that sell those particular products, and it can be hard to determine at times if they are actually legitimate, providing all the pros and cons, what to expect when you buy, and what the experience of ownership is, or are just trying to sell you something.

One of the best choices for unbiased reviews with rigorous testing is Consumer Reports. They are an independent organization that takes no advertising money; they are 100% funded by their subscribers.

Hearing aids rechargeable in nature are a fairly recent technological innovation that have made things much easier for wearers with hearing loss. Traditional batteries only last a week or two when used constantly, and the costs and hassle of always having them on hand starts to add up over time. Hearing aids with charger technology, such as EarMall’s iHear Blu work much like rechargeable batteries for cameras or other similar devices (though, the batteries in this case are much, much smaller) You charge the batteries and then place them inside the hearing device, and the charge is long-lasting. Blu is one of the most affordable rechargeable hearing aids on the market at under $1,000 with a full one year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.  It is what is known as an RIC (Receiver-in-the-canal) - which means it is appropriate if you have a mild to moderate hearing loss (something not obtainable with completely-in-the canal designs - and has an ‘open-fitting‘ and compares very favorable to the Pure by Siemens at a much lower price point. Volume is easy to adjust without ever having to make any type of office visit.

Siemens Pure hearing aid is part of the Siemens rechargeable hearing aids line. It is an incredibly small BTE (behind-the-ear) that is nearly invisible and undetectable to anyone not aware that it is being worn. One of its top tech achievements is something called BestSound, and the company makes claims that it can actually provide better hearing in crowded situations like restaurants and parties than is possible by people with “normal hearing”. It has Bluetooth and wireless connectivity, the patented Siemens hearing aid charger enables batteries to last an entire year rather than just one week. There is even an app for Android and Apple iOS smartphones to increase volume and make other basic changes wireless via remote. A telecoil for connecting in public places like auditoriums, movie theaters, museums, and churches and other houses of worship comes standard.

Since there are millions of Siemens hearing devices on the market, both new and used, Siemens hearing aid parts are readily available. These can be found via Ebay, Craigslist, or just a basic Google search, but be careful; unless you really know what you are doing, attempting to make repairs yourself is not a good idea.

We repair all makes and models with a one year warranty for only $199. Click here now for our Siemens hearing aid repair form.

We also have dozens of different accessories available, so click here if you need Siemens hearing aid accessories.


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