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Why Costco Hearing Aids May Not be Right for You


Costco hearing aids are sold across the country, but are they the best option?

Costco is a warehouse membership club, similar to Wal Mart’s Sam’s Club, which has its origins with a company called Price Club that began in San Diego, CA in 1976. The brand originally only sold to businesses. Costco started in 1983 in Seattle, WA, and Costco and Price Club merged in 1993.

Costco is the largest seller of hearing aids in the United States other than the Veteran’s Administration. The company carries Rexton, ReSound, Bernafon, and Phonak brands, as well as its own brand, Kirkland Signature, manufactured by Sivantos.

Kirkland Signature 7.0 premium digital hearing instruments are Costco’s current top model, priced at $1,699 featuring wireless technology and an app that will control the hearing aid via an Android or iPhone smartphone.

The company’s hearing devices are sold through each store’s Costco hearing aid center, where customers can get their ears tested and, if necessary, buy a product. Costco hearing aid reviews are generally pretty good based on the devices themselves, but where they run into some negative comments tends to be when it comes to service, garnering an overall customer satisfaction rating of 2.5 out of five stars from the site ConsumerAffairs.com.

Here are some examples of dissatisfied customers:

Some of the Costco Hearing Aid Centers have good folks, most do not. They do not return phone calls, do not listen to your issues, don't care. They do not even check the programming to be sure you have the programs they tell you do. Great program, crappy supervision. Supervise your employees, so at least they work the hours they are charging you for.

- Jim of Indian Head, MD

The women that work there are simply not interested in customer service. It is a one hour, round trip for me and I have gotten there and been told that they don't have time to service my hearing aids, to come back another time. I have made 3 trips to replace my current hearing aids. The place needs a new manager. The only thing that any business has to sell is customer service. I can buy product anywhere. I want to be treated like a valuable customer and that is not happening there, with the exception of one young lady named Linda.”

- Patricia of Auburn, CA

“I had the worst experience with Costco Hearing Aids at Edison, NJ. At the time American Express was still honoring extended warranty. I spent $3000 on hearing aids.”

- Aash of Edison, NJ

Costco hearing aid prices range from the $1,699 price of the previously mentioned store brand to several thousand for name brand models from ReSound and Phonak.

At EarMall, we have a completely different approach to selling hearing aids. We’ve been selling our brand, iHear, online since 1998. And unlike the Costco hearing center or any other traditional store, you never have to visit an office for a fitting.

All of our models, from our $249 Original iHear all the way up to our flagship iHear Advantage Recharge and iHear Icon are one size fits all and are easy to adjust.

Here’s what just a few of our happy customers have to say:

As good as the $6,000 RIC style Miracle Ear tried to sell me. But better warranty. They work great.”


- Henry, United States

I just wanted to thank you for making hearing affordable for my dad. He cried when he put the iHears in because he didn't know what he'd been missing.”

- Gary, United States

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the open-fit behind-the-ear hearing device I purchased from you a couple of months ago for my left ear. It has transformed my hearing. As for the price - fantastic.”

- Ray, New Zealand

“I would recommend EarMall to anybody that has hearing loss and are looking for affordable, high quality hearing aids. I for one will never get hearing aids through a hearing clinic provider ever again.”

- Tanya, United States

Click below to check out each iHear to find the one that is best for you. Each comes with full warranty, 30 day money-back guarantee, and compares favorably with Costco hearing aids or any other manufacturer.

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