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Refurbished Hearing Aids

Did you know that you can get name brand hearing aids at a fraction of the cost?

Hearing aid sellers don’t want you to know this, but they have access to refurbished hearing aids. Often times these hearing aids have been demonstration models or worn for less than a month. There’s nothing wrong with them, but they can’t be sold as new.

The brick-and-mortar hearing aid guys want you to buy brand new hearing aids that they can mark way up. They can’t make the same type of profit with refurbished hearing aids.

So what if I told you how you could get these refurbished hearing aids yourself and save thousands of dollars off of what you’d pay your local hearing aid seller?

We have refurbished hearing aids available from major manufacturers like Oticon, Phonak, ReSound, Siemens, and Starkey. We’re one of the only places anywhere in the world that sells these online.

These are refurbished by one of the world’s leading laboratories to perfect working order and feature a six month warranty and 30 day money-back guarantee.

Here's how much you can save on name-brand hearing aids:

Comparable New Hearing Aid Retail Price Refurbished Hearing Aid Price
Classic Analog Hearing Aid $999 Oticon 380P $469
Classic Analog Hearing Aid $999 Phonak Pico Forte PPCL2 $389
Phonak Audeo V30-312T $3,000 Phonak V30-312T $599
Phonak Audeo B50-Direct $2,000 Phonak Audeo B50-Direct $999
Phonak Audeo V90 312 $2,500 Phonak Audeo V90 312 $999/pr
Phonak Audeo M50R $4,500 Phonak Audeo M50R $2,098/pr
Siemens Carat B7 $2,000 Siemens Carat B7 $699
Starkey Z Series i30 Power+ BTE $2,100 Starkey Destiny 1600 BTE $599
Starkey Z Series i30 RIC $2,100 Starkey S Series 5 RIC $679
Starkey Muse $1,399 Starkey Zon 7 RIC $699
Starkey Wi Series  $2,000 Starkey Wi Series i110 RIC 312 $999

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