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ReSound Linx vs iHear Blu Review

Resound Linx Review vs iHear Blu Review

In this review, we'll be comparing the ReSound Linx to EarMall's exclusive Accutone iHear Blu hearing aid.

ReSound's Linx hearing aid is a digital hearing aid with Bluetooth technology. Designed to be discreet and adaptable to your environment.

To purchase a Linx, you'll need to go to an authorized GN ReSound reseller purchase.

There are multiple colors available for the Linx.

The Accutone iHear Blu also has digital programmability and available Bluetooth to wirelessly connect to devices such as your smartphone or mp3 player. It has a small, discreet design. With 12 channels and 5 programmable memories, you'll be ready for any environment.

iHear Blu is a one-size-fits-all hearing aid which never requires an office visit. It's available for purchase right here on

iHear Blu is available in the following colors:

- Beige
- Black
- Dark Gray
- Light Gray
- White
- Brown
- Silver

ReSound Linx Price

The biggest difference between the Linx and iHear Blu is the price.

Linx retails for $3,000 each or $6,000 for a pair.

iHear Blu is just $999 each. Buy a pair for just $1998 and you'll get a free remote control (a $499 value) and Bluetooth.

With Blu, you'll also get a full two year warranty and 30 day money-back guarantee.

What Have Others Said About iHear Blu?

Henry W. Said:

"As good as the $6,000 RIC style Miracle Ear tried to sell me. But better warranty. They work great."
















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