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“I just wanted to thank you for making hearing affordable for my dad. He cried when he put the iHears in because he didn’t know what he had been missing. Both of my parents are happy because they don’t have to yell and scream at each other anymore.”

Gary, United States

"As good as the $6,000 RIC style Miracle Ear tried to sell me. But better warranty. They work great."

Henry, United States

“I have dealt with EarMall.com for several years. I began spending too much money (thousands of dollars) on hearing aids. Then EarMall came to my aid. 

I want to go on record saying that the quality of the iHear from EarMall is better than the quality of the expensive hearing aids I bought before, and my hearing is better than with those other hearing aids. iHear has durability and withstands the test of time, and EarMall.com has also stood by the product. 

The quality of my life has been greatly improved by the people at EarMall. The fact that I can hear empowers me."

Retired Colonel Bob Lindsey – retired law enforcement officer, United States

“I have purchased several pairs of hearing aids from EarMall for my mother and she has been just as happy with the original "iHears" as any other brands that she has had. Some of the others cost $4000.00.

We have an unusual problem however. Mother's companion Chihuahua dog (attached photo of Tinkerbell) grabs them if they are ever dropped or left on the table beside the bed."

Haynes, United States

“Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the iHear Air open fit behind-the-ear device I purchased from you a couple of months ago for my left ear. It has transformed my hearing.

I no longer miss out on the group conversations and don't have to keep asking my wife to repeat herself. This is a good thing. It out-performs the older Resound aid I have in the right ear and has no feedback.

As for the cost - Fantastic. FYI, yesterday, I found the invoice for the Resound BTE aid I bought locally 5 years ago - it was NZ $2,700 (about US $2,000). The one I bought from you worked out at about NZ $500 (US $399).

I was recently verbally quoted NZ $3,000 to NZ $4000 for the additional hearing aid from the people who did the hearing test. I could not really afford that, so I was very pleased that I stumbled across your website.

Thanks again


Ray Eder, New Zealand

"Thank you so much for your prompt response....and I wanted to let you know, that my husband is hearing for the first time in 30 years...he is thrilled! Thank you for offering an affordable product..a bell rings in Heaven for you! Thank you!

Peace and Blessings"

Yvonne, United States

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