Digital Hearing Aids vs. Analog Hearing Aids: What's the Difference? –


In this video, we outline the differences between digital and analog hearing aids, and why digital is better.

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00:10 Both digital and analog hearing aids amplify sound

00:13 Analog has a 3 step process

00:14 Sound is gathered through the microphone, it’s turned up through an amplifier, then delivered to your ear through a receiver or speaker

00:24 Digital adds a fourth step: sound is gathered, amplified, then processed, then delivered to your ear through a speaker

00:34 The processing is the important difference; a tiny computer in the hearing aid manipulates the sound

00:46 With processing we can increase/decrease the volume, we can take out noises in the background

00:52 We can fine tine each frequency just like an equalizer on a stereo

01:00 If your hearing changes, we can go in and reprogram the hearing aid

01:09 Nothing’s set in stone with digital hearing aids

01:16 Analog hearing aids are cheaper in the short term

01:27 In the long run, digital is better, though. It’s like having 100 hearing aids in one

01:34 As long as you keep your digital hearing aid clean and take care of it, it will last you a long time

01:37 I hope this answers any questions you have about the differences between digital and analog hearing aids

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