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When it comes to hearing aids, there is essentially no difference between bands and channels.

So, what do channels do for you, then?

The more channels a hearing aid has, the better you’re able to fine tune the hearing aid to your specific hearing loss.

The individual channels divide up the sound spectrum.

Here’s a picture of an audiogram:

With more channels, we can go in and adjust for whatever loss of hearing you have within those sound ranges.

In short, the more adjustment we’re able to do, the better your hearing will be.

EarMall’s iHear brand of hearing aids range from 2 to 12 channels.

The Original iHear ($249) and iHear Instafit ($399) each have 2 channels.

The iHear Pro programmable hearing aid ($399) has 6 channels.

And our top-of-the-line iHear Blu ($999) has a full 12 channels to give you the complete adjustment you need.

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