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This is an unboxing and review of the Oticon ConnectLine Streamer Pro.

Oticon Streamer

This is a device you can use to stream audio directly into your hearing aids for phone calls, music, etc. It’s primarily used for phone calls.

This is the device itself. As you can see, it’s pretty small.

What you do is wear it around your neck.

Included are two chords - a large or long and a medium size to get the right length for you. You attach that to these two holes at the top.

Oticon Streamer Neck Strap

There are three buttons on the face of the Streamer Pro:

Oticon Streamer Pairing

The top one, the biggest button, is the button to receive calls.

You’ll hear the call ring in your ears, and you then can just press that button.

The second is for an optional Oticon ConnectLine TV Adapter (available here) so you can get sound from your television.

The third button is for the optional ConnectLine Microphone (available here). If you go to a tour, you have the tour guide wear this microphone, and whatever they say, the sound will be right in your hearing aids.

This is just the owner’s manual and setup guide.

Oticon Streamer Manual

And then you have four other small boxes in the packaging.

This first one here is the power chord for charging. Pretty straightforward with that.

Oticon Streamer Charger

The Streamer Pro, kind of the idea behind it is if you have a smartphone with Bluetooth, you can receive your calls through Bluetooth. You can also get audio from an mp3 player that’s Bluetooth, get that directly in your hearing aids. 

You have a USB cable so you can attach it to your computer.

This cable, if you don’t have a Bluetooth mp3 player, and you want to listen to music, you can plug this into the mp3 player, and then there’s a port at the bottom to plug it in. and get audio that way. But if you have Bluetooth, you don’t have to worry about it.

Oticon Streamer Accessories

Then there’s another box - that third little box there, inside the package - it’s just an empty box that’s a placeholder.  

This is a cable to connect to your computer for audio.

And this fourth small box is a protective case, a cover for the Streamer Pro.

Oticon Streamer Price

This is a great device for you to be able to get Bluetooth from audio devices and get sound directly in your hearing aids, especially when you make a phone call.

And, with the other devices, you can get TV streaming or also have the microphone. 

The Streamer Pro and the other devices compatible with it are available at EarMall.com.

Comes with full warranty and 30 day money-back guarantee.


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Oticon Streamer Pro

Oticon ConnectLine




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