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Do You Need One Hearing Aid or Two?

Jun 27, 2015 0 comments
This video explains whether or not one hearing aid or two is best for your hearing. Click the play button below to view:

Here's the transcript of the video:

This is a pretty common question; I get this just about every day.

"Do I need two hearing aids, or can I get by with just one?"

I always tell everyone, "God gives you two ears for a reason, and that's to hear in stereo."

But, more importantly, it's for localization. What that mean is, if you're only amplified in one side, then your other side's essentially dead.

So, you won't really hear anything on the side of your body without a hearing aid.

Imagine if you were trying to cross a street and you were looking to your right; you're not going to hear anything out of your left ear if it's not amplified.

Or, if an ambulance is coming down the road while you're in your car, you're not going to be able to tell which direction it's coming from.

Only having one hearing aid also creates what's known as a head shadow effect. What that means is that, if you're only amplified in one side of your head, your head will block sound coming from the other side.

Any sound waves can be blocked by your head and not received by your hearing aid.

It's almost like knocking one of your lenses out of your glasses and walking around like that all day.

Basically, if you're trying to get by with just one hearing aid, you're doing yourself a disservice, and you can actually harm yourself. After a while, you may just say to yourself, "You know what? Maybe I'm just going to be cheap and not get two hearing aids. I'll just get one, and further down the road when I have more money, I'll get two."

You're not going to be able to wear two hearing aids at that point. 

Your brain will be so used to hearing out of one side, you will not be able to wear two.

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