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Have you finally decided it's time to stop missing out on the important sounds of your life and take action to correct your hearing loss? That's great! According to the Hearing Review, people with hearing loss wait an average of seven years to get help. That's a lot of missed punch lines, important details in business meetings, sweet sentiments from a loved one, cheerful bird songs and laughter from grandkids. 

Top 7 things you need before buying hearing aids:

    1. Hearing test - The first thing you need is a thorough evaluation from a qualified hearing healthcare professional, like those listed our consumer-reviewed directory. The test is easy, painless and it may cost you nothing more than your time. 

    2. Priority list - Your hearing healthcare professional will do far more than just test your hearing on your first visit. You will also have a discussion about your lifestyle. Is listening to your favorite TV shows a big priority for you or would you rank being able to understand co-workers better during happy hour at the nearby bar much higher? Maybe you wish to stream music wirelessly through your hearing aids at the gym or have easier one-on-one conversations at home. Whatever your priorities, communicate them clearly to your hearing care provider so they can more easily determine which products are right for you.

    3. An open mind - If you have preconceived notions about your hearing loss or what hearing aids are right for you, be ready to have those ideas challenged. Hearing aids have come a long way, technologically speaking, over the past decades, and you may be surprised to find the vast array of features and attractive styles that are available now. Your hearing loss degree or type may mean only certain products will work for you. Trust the process and the advice of your hearing care professional. 

    4. Motivation - Your hearing healthcare professional will go to great lengths to make sure you succeed with your new hearing aids, but you'll get better results if you put some effort into the process. Being engaged, providing valuable feedback about your experiences and keeping your follow up appointments will help your provider make the right kinds of adjustments to your hearing aids so you get the most benefit.

    5. Positive attitude - As with most things in life, you will get the most from your hearing aids and your hearing healthcare provider if you stay positive. Having a good attitude and a sense of humor can help you get through most any challenge your hearing loss presents.

    6. Support system - Many new hearing aid wearers have been encouraged to take the leap by a family member or loved one who has become frustrated with longstanding hearing loss. Before you start the process, discuss your decision with family, friends and even co-workers. Advocating for yourself with them and asking for their support during your journey to better hearing will make you even more successful. 

    7. The right hearing care source - The markup on hearing aids is huge, and, much like many other products, the internet is revolutionizing the sales process. has been selling hearing products online for over a decade. We've sold to customers on every continent except Antarctica, and we have an excellent customer satisfaction rate. Due to low overhead costs, we are able to charge much less than traditional brick and mortar stores. We'll do everything we can to make sure you're satisfied with your purchase from us.

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