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ReSound X-plore Hearing Aid Review

Feb 18, 2015 2 comments

This is a review of the X-plore hearing aid by ReSound.

ReSound is the parent company of Beltone, so all ReSound products are comparable to Beltone hearing aids, but not nearly as expensive.

X-plore is ReSound’s mid to upper level programmable digital hearing aid.

X-plore has 17 band warp processing (most hearing aids only have six). It has a patented feature called dual stabilizer which virtually eliminates all feedback. The Noise Tracker feature locks onto noise as it moves around you or the room you’re in and decreases the noise without affecting human speech.

All of this is designed to give the wearer a more natural sound quality.

The ReSound X-plore hearing aid is available in open-fit/behind-the-ear refurbished for just $579 each.

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  • Hi Kenneth. Yes, the ReSound X-Plore would need to be programmed. If you purchase, you can email us your hearing test, and we will program it. It does not have a volume control.

    For a similar model with a volume control, check out our brand new iHear Advantage. $799 each with a 1 year warranty (2 year warranty if you buy a pair) You can check it out here:

    Chris Huddleston on

  • do they have to be programed to me ?does it have a volume control .

    kenneth briggette on

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