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A hearing aid that’s good enough to eat?

What? Why would anyone eat a hearing aid?

Let me explain.

We had a customer from New Zealand who purchased several hearing aids from us over a short period of time. We were happy that he liked our product and kept buying from us, but we weren’t sure why he bought multiple hearing aids during the course of a few months.

I can’t think of anyone who needs more than two hearing aids at once, so it was a little confusing.

Then one day I got an email from him which said this:

I have purchased several pairs of hearing aids from EarMall for my mother and she has been just as happy with the original "iHears" as any other brands that she has had. Some of the others cost $4000.00.

We have an unusual problem however. Mother's companion Chihuahua dog (attached photo of Tinkerbell) grabs them if they are ever dropped or left on the table beside the bed.”

As an owner of two chihuahuas myself, this didn’t surprise me one bit.

One of my chihuahuas chewed up a pair of headphones I left on the couch once.

Anyway, he and his mother were so happy with the iHears, that they kept buying them even though the dog was chewing them up.

The important thing is that the iHear only costs $249 as opposed to the $4,000 they had paid for other hearing aids. The iHear was just as good, and I’m sure it would have been much more difficult to keep buying models that were $4,000 each.

You, too can get a hearing aid for under $250 that’s as good as ones that cost $4,000...and it’s good enough to eat!

Well, to a chihuahua anyway.

iHear is our exclusive brand of hearing aid, and you can buy one here now for just $249.

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