Four Tips For Healthier Hearing –


Four Tips For Healthier Hearing

Jul 07, 2016 0 comments
Four Tips For Healthier Hearing
Here are are a few easy tips for healthier hearing:
1) Use cotton swabs sparingly. You may think they help to clean your ears, but they can actually push earwax deep inside your ear canal which can possibly cause damage.

Cotton Swab in Ear
2) Use alcohol and caffeine in moderation. These substances, as well as certain prescription medications, can have adverse effects on your hearing.
3) Rest your ears. If you are in a noisy situation such as a concert, give your ears a break with some quiet time afterward. Your ears need a rest now and then, just as you rest your eyes after reading or looking at a computer screen for long periods.
4) Protect your ears. Always use hearing protection when operating lawn mowers or other loud machinery, and be careful of loud volumes when using head phones. It's best to use noise-canceling headphones if possible.

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