How Your Hearing Can Affect The Rest Of Your Health –


Hearing loss is a major health issue affecting more than 48 million Americans and, if left untreated, hearing loss can impact much more than your ability to hear the TV.

Here are 3 critical ways hearing loss can negatively affect other aspects of your health:

1. Mental Health

Your mental well-being is most directly affected by hearing loss. Once you are unable to communicate clearly and frequently, this will have an immediate impact on your relationships, both professional and personal. This reduction in interaction is associated with depression, as well as tension, stress, negativity, anger and irritability.

Some people proactively remove themselves from social settings to avoid the awkward interactions that can result from poor hearing. This social isolation has a profound impact on health and daily living, including loss of appetite, sleep deprivation, increased tobacco use, alcohol abuse, lack of exercise, poor diet, and depression and/or anxiety.

2. Personal Safety

Hearing loss can also negatively impact your health by reducing your awareness of your surroundings. A shout, fire alarm, car horn or public transportation announcement can all result in injury or worse, if you can’t hear the warning.

3. Cognitive Ability

A study by Johns Hopkins University found that mild hearing loss doubles your risk of dementia, moderate loss lost triples it, and severe hearing impairment results in a five times increased likelihood of developing dementia.

It is evident that hearing is intrinsically tied to our overall health – mentally, physically and emotionally. Luckily, hearing loss can be treated with the right hearing aids, which can have an immediate and positive impact on your life. The sooner you address your hearing loss, the quicker you can improve your quality of life.

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