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Wearing a pair of hearing aids improves more than just your hearing. It’s true. When you buy a set of hearing aids, you can be confident your hearing will improve. And now, according to two recent surveys, you can also expect some non-auditory improvements.

The survey confirms what hearing healthcare providers have known for decades — that correcting hearing loss with hearing aids provides benefits in addition to improved hearing, such as improved quality of life, improved relationships at home and work, feelings of safety and independence, and improved mental health.

The many benefits of wearing hearing aids

Results from the survey show that eight out of 10 hearing aid wearers feel that wearing hearing aids regularly or occasionally improves quality of life.

Respondents reported improvements in relationships at home and work as a result of wearing hearing aids. Improved hearing leads to improved communication, which appears to positively impact interpersonal relationships.

Respondents also reported an increased sense of safety and independence. Hearing aid wearers were also less likely to report increased forgetfulness compared to non-hearing aid wearers. Nine out of 10 hearing aid owners reported that wearing hearing aids were useful on the job.

The science behind the surveys

Historically, researchers have quantified the benefits of wearing hearing aids by focusing solely on objective diagnostic measurements. Tests were usually designed to solely identify improvements in audibility and speech recognition performance (essentially how much better a person could hear).

Measurable post-fitting diagnostic tests were completed by hearing professionals and hearing researchers in a sound booth to verify hearing aid fitting outcomes and demonstrate the auditory benefits of wearing hearing aids. 

This consumer survey was different, which is why the results are so exciting.

Combined, over 120,000 people participated in the surveys

The combined studies represent data that was self-reported by more than 120,000 participants in Europe and the U.S., making it the largest worldwide survey focused on identifying the non-auditory benefits of wearing hearing aids. 

Get more benefit for your buck

The results of the survey display a better understanding of the benefits that accompany hearing aid use. If you’ve been thinking about investing in better hearing, you might be excited to learn that when you do, you’ll be getting a long list of non-auditory benefits in addition to better hearing. You’ll actually be getting more benefit for your buck!

Wearing hearing aids to correct your hearing can lead to health-related improvements in quality of life by decreasing depression, social isolation and cognitive decline. Wearing hearing aids can also improve quality of life, relationships at home and work, feelings of safety and independence, and mental and physical health.

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